The Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church was found in the year of our Lord 1885, by the late Rev. E. W. Hogue of Evington, VA, with the following people, and others as charter members:  Bro. Bryan Parker and wife; Nathan Coles and wife; Patrick Coles and wife; Reed Martin and wife; Nathaniel Toler and wife; and Willie A. Berger.

The church was organized in a vacant house located on a farm owned by the late Billy Pickeral.  This farm was located near Rattle Snake Branch.

This small number of people desiring a place of worship made their wishes known to the late Thomas Cocke who gave them one acre of land on which a small log body church 22 x 32 ft. was built, which was valued at $150.oo.  The first building was constructed in a pine grove, hence the name Piney Grove.

Going through the pages of the old church ledgers of yester-years that have yellowed with age, we find recorded there, many, many souls have been brought to Christ and added to Piney Grove since the founding of the church in 1885.  There have been eleven (11) ministers who served Piney Grove as pastors.

Piney Grove is thankful for all God has brought us through, and we are rededicating our lives to the Christian effort to bring souls to Christ, reinforcing our army on life's battlefield as we continue our pilgrimage to our eternal home.